Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources

Significant Dates

Working Group Papers Due: 03 Jun 2019
Working Group Papers Due: 10 Jun 2019
17 Jun 2019 to 21 Jun 2019
24 Jun 2019 to 05 Jul 2019
Working Papers Due: 06 Sep 2019
Background Papers Due: 21 Sep 2019

Recent News

Mr Gary Dewhurst
15 Apr 2019

Last month the Secretariat welcomed Mr Gary Dewhurst to the role of Data Systems Analyst....

Toothfish tag
09 Apr 2019

A toothfish tag has made its way back to CCAMLR in a very unusual way. The tag in question...

Workshop on the Catch Documentation Scheme for Dissostichus spp
29 Mar 2019

At CCAMLR-XXXVII, the CCAMLR community recognised Ecuador as a Non-Contracting Party (NCP)...